Abraxas is Helping to Shape OOH's Future

by Abraxas Team, 2/20/18

Abraxas Technology is excited to announce that our COO, Joshua Lawton, has accepted a Committee Membership position on the Outdoor Advertising Association of America’s (OAAA) Innovation Committee!

He and us are honored to help shape the future of the out of home (OOH) market. For those who may be unfamiliar with the OAAA, it is the lead trade association representing the OOH advertising industry. Founded in 1891, OAAA is a passionate advocate and a progressive thought leader that protects, unites, and advances the interests of the OOH advertising industry. With nearly 900 member companies, OAAA represents more than 90 percent of industry revenues.


Want to connect with us about how Abraxas Technology can help you know who saw your boards and then came to your advertisers’ stores? Email JLawton@abraxastechnology.com. Joshua Lawton is the COO and Co-Founder of Abraxas Technology.

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