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Data Is Your Friend, Not Your Enemy

For several years, various industry sources have reported that out-of-home (OOH) advertising is the only advertising channel that’s growing, not declining like traditional outlets such as TV, radio, and newspapers. According to market research firm Magna, OOH ad spend is estimated grow another 2% to $8 billion in 2018. A major reason for this boost is because Facebook, Google, Spotify, and other data-driven tech companies have poured billions of marketing dollars into billboards and other forms of outdoor signage.

Fear the Reaper or Hope for a Phoenix?

From taxes that support our roads to a restructuring of a major sector of the economy, autonomous vehicles are going to reshape American life. This should come as no surprise for people who have been watching the move of millenials into urban cores and the resulting unimportance for them of obtaining even a drivers license. All of this will impact how advertisers reach audiences in the physical world. However, the question that is raging is whether or not autonomous vehicles should be viewed as physical advertising’s reapers or phoenixes.

5 Golden Rules of Data Privacy Law

As news stories roll out on a daily basis regarding the changing landscape of data privacy and the world of law governing it, there is much confusion. Businesses push their interests to make money, individual people protest violations of various rights, and politicians straddle the middle, impossibly trying to please everyone. So, we need to take it upon ourselves to understand what is going on and what we can do about it.

Mobile Billboards: An Underserved but Highly Valuable Medium

Mobile billboards are a highly valuable medium for direct advertising to a specific sub-segment of consumers, and yet it is underserved by companies and nonprofits who provide data to the out-of-home industry. While this should come as no surprise to those who know that mobile billboards account for a fraction of the total available boards within the out-of-home industry, it is an oversight of a growing and highly active section of the out of home industry that requires correction to increase revenue and spur on the growth of mobile billboard companies.

If Facebook Were a Meme

If Facebook were a meme, it’d be the one saying “Hold my beer.” For those privacy advocates and conscientious consumers who thought that Cambridge Analytica was the bottom of the ethical barrel, Facebook announced recently that they shared European and American user data with a Chinese corporation that US intelligence services allege is tied to the Chinese government.