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Marketers Take Notice: Cute Puppies Really Do Catch People’s Attention

As I drove down I-35 yesterday during my regular work commute, a white van to my left caught my eye. Decked out in pictures of adorable puppies, this van advertised the services for MyPetsMVP.com, a mobile veterinary practice. Even though I currently do not own a pet (my future dream is to buy a Texas ranch so I can raise a capybara), this clever ad placement intrigued me enough to look up their website once I reached my computer.

Are You Ready for the Onset of Data Privacy Protection Laws? GDPR’s Effects on OOH Owners, Advertisers, and Marketers

Unless you’ve been lost in the Amazon without cell phone signal for the past several months, you’ve probably heard and read about GDPR. By May 25, 2018, it will become the law of the land in Europe and is going to impact American businesses selling into Europe. Many OOH owners and media buyers in the United States that we have spoken to, while concerned about the impact of GDPR on their businesses, do not believe that there is going to be foreseeable impact on them in the near future

The Most Successful Companies Today Are Data-Driven

As a data nerd and product marketer, I never cease to be amazed by what data science can reveal about people’s preferences, moods, and behavior. These applications can range from the amusing to potentially life-saving. From its analysis of online interactions between couples, Facebook Data Science can predict with astounding accuracy the likelihood of budding relationships and break ups. Using Twitter data, researchers at Northeastern University developed a model to accurately predict flu outbreaks up to six weeks in advance.

Don't Let a Lack of Benefits Stop You from Hiring Top Talent

Austin has been hailed as one of the top places to have a startup. These same qualities have also brought in the big companies which keep this whole wheel turning for our community. A community that has not even broken a seven-figure population in the city of Austin. With so many companies coming to Austin, our unemployment rate is 3% as of February 2018. This is amazing for the economics of the city and the workers who live in Central Texas. Every resource is subject to the law of supply and demand and the demand for capable employees in Austin often outstrips in the short term the supply.

Marketing the Message and Majesty of Meat

As a Texan and foodie, I am always on the lookout for new BBQ joints and exotic culinary experiences. Thus, learning about the existence of Estância Brazilian Steakhouse here in Austin aroused my inner carnivore just like when the very mention of “meat tornado” excited Ron Swanson.