Insights Into Customer Journey

With Abraxas Technology

Guest Experience Improvements

Optimize your location with Abraxas Services to improve the customer flow, experience, loyalty and repeat visits.

Guest Acquisition Insights

Leverage Technology to understand where your guests come from, and how they came to your location, and what most interests them.

Innovative Technology

Abraxas Technology uses a data a verity of collection technologies inside of the location to monitor guest experience without breaching your guests data privacy. 

This insight enables the location to improve layout, guest interaction, satisfaction, adjust workflow, and staffing needs.

Marketing Effectiveness

Leverage Abraxas Technology solutions to monitor increase marketing effectiveness by monitoring guest acquisition in the digital and physical space.

These solutions allow our marketing budget to become hyper-efficient in engaging new guests and increase guest repeatability.  

Data Privacy

Abraxas Technology is proactively committed to data privacy measures that follow the letter and spirit of data privacy laws, including GDPR. We are one of the few companies to be EU-US Privacy Shield certified.