Advertising Statistics to Increase Out-Of-Home Revenue

With Abraxas Technology

Out-Of-Home Operators

Increase ROI & revenue for all out-of-home displays from highway billboards to indoor retail.

Utilize Abraxas Technology service for both digital and static inventory to measure billboard advertising effectiveness with powerful data & analytics.

Transit & Mobile Operators

Advertising statistics & reporting tools available for transit advertising and mobile billboards. 

Measure customer engagement and attribution for any mobile displays with near real-time analytics.        

Agencies & Media Buyers Analytics

Measure Out-Of-Home advertising effectiveness with Abraxas Technology service by measuring impressions to in-store conversions.

Use powerful data & analytics to gain campaign insight that allows you to increase revenue.

Out-Of-Home Advertising Effectiveness

The ability to have accurate OOH advertising effectiveness by tracking exposure and attribution in near real-time has enabled our customers to grow their revenue and reduce customer acquisition time.

Abraxas Technology allows OOH advertisers to gain insight into campaign effectiveness that they have grown accustomed to with online advertising.

Passively Measure Billboard Advertising Statistics

Abraxas Technology uses a passive data collection system that does not infringe upon privacy standards to generate near real-time reports for ad viewership, retail conversions, and much more.

This enables both OOH operators and advertisers to build more successful OOH campaigns without the need for customers to report that they have seen an advertisement.

Measure Customer Conversion

Abraxas Technology allows OOH advertisers to measure the number of people who are exposed to their media and track if that customer comes into the store.

This allows both OOH operators and advertisers to build effective campaigns and increase ROI.

How It Works

We passively collect unique mobile device identifiers using custom hardware and software which is attached to the advertisement. Our method does not require users to download apps or activate Bluetooth or enable location data. It is also not dependent on wireless company data or support.

Data Privacy

Abraxas Technology is proactively committed to data privacy measures that follow the letter and spirit of data privacy laws, including GDPR. We are one of the few companies to be EU-US Privacy Shield certified.