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How Do You Know If Your OOH Advertising Is Working?

Last week, GO2018, the biggest trade show for the out-of-home (OOH) advertising industry descended on Austin, TX, and needless to say, the Abraxas team arrived in full force! Over the course of the event, we paid close attention to the mood on the ground. Our team spoke to all the wonderful folks who visited our booth, attended workshops and networking sessions, and listened to keynote speeches.

GDPR: Embrace it, Don't Fear it

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, isn’t the compliance nightmare most companies are making it out to be. This negative view of GDPR compliance stems from the fact that penalties for non-compliance are severe, many companies (including many industry leaders) have a business model that effectively requires the use and sale of personal data to stay afloat, and we generally don’t like it when Europeans tell us Americans what to do.

The Gold Standard

Bradley Gold is a new father, an experienced business attorney, skilled in construction trades, and an enthusiast for spending as much time outdoors as possible. When he’s not protecting the data and legal interests of Abraxas as the Data Privacy Officer, Bradley dedicates himself to teaching business law, business ethics, and business management skills to students at The University of Texas, including students in the nation’s #1 Masters of Accounting Program.

Are You Ready for the Onset of Data Privacy Protection Laws? GDPR’s Effects on OOH Owners, Advertisers, and Marketers

Unless you’ve been lost in the Amazon without cell phone signal for the past several months, you’ve probably heard and read about GDPR. By May 25, 2018, it will become the law of the land in Europe and is going to impact American businesses selling into Europe. Many OOH owners and media buyers in the United States that we have spoken to, while concerned about the impact of GDPR on their businesses, do not believe that there is going to be foreseeable impact on them in the near future

The Most Successful Companies Today Are Data-Driven

As a data nerd and product marketer, I never cease to be amazed by what data science can reveal about people’s preferences, moods, and behavior. These applications can range from the amusing to potentially life-saving. From its analysis of online interactions between couples, Facebook Data Science can predict with astounding accuracy the likelihood of budding relationships and break ups. Using Twitter data, researchers at Northeastern University developed a model to accurately predict flu outbreaks up to six weeks in advance.