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You Won't Believe Which Advertisements Drive the Most Online Activity

In this digital age it’s hard to imagine what propels the most online activity. Believe me, when I first started digging into the numbers and reports, I was shocked. I’ve come of age and took my first knocks in business during a time in which ALL of traditional media was dying. Or so that’s what I was being lead to believe. Banner ads, click throughs, SEO, you name it, that was the new tried and true method upon which you could base your whole media strategy on. Sure, people were still advertising in newspapers and in magazines, but the question that rang out like a chorus from around the business world was “Why?”

Top OOH Trends of 2017 Are In and You Can Probably Guess Why Were Excited

The top trends in out of home advertising are in and while some of the findings are surprising there are some findings which confirm the visceral feelings that many of us have in the industry. One of the trends that excites us at Abraxas Technology is the growth of Digital Out of Home (OOH) media. Digital Out of Home (OOH) marketing is going to account for 39% of total revenue of all out of home marketing by 2019. It is not hard to imagine how Digital OOH is going to impact the industry.