Frequently Asked Questions

How does Abraxas collect information?

We identify viewers and audience members through the use of cell phones and other mobile devices.  

Gee, that sounds creepy.  Do you invade my privacy to do that?

No, we do not use facial recognition, camera, or data sniffing technology.  Rather, Abraxas’ technology was built in 2017 with modern privacy laws and protections at the forefront of our design process.  Our goal is to capture accurate viewership and audience data, not to identify folks individually.

Does Abraxas collect personal information about people?

No, we are not seeking to collect or process any personal information.  Our technology is agnostic, and the value of our services does not hinge upon the provision of personal data.  For more details on how we treat personal information, check out our privacy policy.

Is there a way to opt out?

Email and marketing communications from Abraxas should have a button to opt out of future mailings.  If an email is missing such an option, or you otherwise wish to opt out of a service or type of communication, please contact us at

For high volume sites, is there a capacity limit to the services?

Our services scale according to the needs of each business and market we serve.  As an example, we currently serve outdoor advertising installations on major urban highways that experience X views per day.  

Is your technology proven?

Yes.  Our services are up and running across the USA and in foreign markets as well.  

Can I participate in a pilot or beta test?

At this time, pilots and beta tests are now closed.  Please check back for future opportunities as we continue to grow and expand into new markets.

What does Abraxas furnish in its data reports?

Abraxas Technology provides analytics for our customers in the simple and familiar language through the online dashboard that shows total number people, repeat and dwell time.  We also provide attribution and conversion data so businesses can FINALLY understand when their advertising really works and brings customers in the door.

Are any devices or hardware required?

Yes.  Our proprietary technology is run from a hardware set that is customized to meet the needs of each client.  Clients with indoor applications typically use hardware that is approximately the size of a cell phone, so it’s nearly invisible.  Clients with outdoor applications use hardware that is suited to local conditions, with hardware boxes approximately the size of a thick textbook.

Does anything need to be professionally installed?

Generally, no.  Most installations can be completed on site by our clients, using the supplied instruction guide.

Installations on billboard poles or in other hazardous areas must be completed with properly credentialed personnel.  If a client does not employ such people, Abraxas may arrange the installation for you.

Does anything need to be hard-wired?

No wiring or hardscaping installations are typically needed.  The most common exception applies to clients with large billboards that are not powered.

Do I need a special app to work with you?

No, you do not.  One of the cool things about our technology is that it works with all types of devices, and you don’t need to download anything.