Media Coverage

January 2019

OOH Today, January 16, 2019, Doing the Morally Right Thing in Protecting Privacy

December 2018

Billboard Insider, December 18, 2018, How to Win Real Estate Advertising Dollars

November 2018

Forbes, November 20, 2018, Overcoming A Cybersecurity Breach: 12 Tips For Young Tech Professionals

Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do, November 9, 2018, Brad Gold – Entrepreneur and Educator

October 2018

OOH Today, October 24, 2018, Luxury Brands Tell Compelling Stories

Billboard Insider, October 18, 2018, Jewelers and Out of Home

Forbes, October 8, 2018, Do The Companies You Work Closely With Take Data Privacy Seriously?

September 2018

OOH Today, September 27, 2018, OOH Don’t Nullify Your Risk Reward Rate Premium

Billboard Insider, September 26, 2018, Tech Talks: Why Does Mobile Complement OOH?

OAAA Thought Leadership, September 24, 2018, Tech Talks: Why Does Mobile Complement OOH?

August 2018

OAAA Thought Leadership, August, 27, 2018, Data is Your Friend, Not Your Enemy

OOH Today, August 20, 2018, Stop Your Inventory from Losing Value

Forbes, August 20, 2018, How Will California's Consumer Privacy Law Impact The Data Privacy Landscape?

Built in Austin, August 2, 2018, MassChallenge announces top 16 startups from inaugural cohort

July 2018

Forbes, July 13, 2018, When the Music Stops: The End of Wireless Company Location Data

OOH Today, July 2, 2018, Fear the Reaper or Hope for a Phoenix? 

May 2018

OAAA Thought Leadership, May 17, 2018, Are You Ready for the Surge in OOH Spending? 

April 2018

OOH Today, April 26, 2018, Not so Fast! Is Data Really the Holy Grail for Outdoor Advertising?

Texas McCombs MSTC blog, April 16, The Most Successful Companies Today Are Data-Driven

OAAA Thought Leadership, April 10, 2018, The Most Successful Companies Today Are Data-Driven 

Built in Austin, April 5, 2018, Abraxas Technology secures $500K in funding

March 2018

OOH Today, March 22, 2018, Don’t Get Blown Away by the Gale of Creative Destruction

OAAA Thought Leadership, March 7, 2018, 6 Points to Get OOH in the Restaurant Marketing Budget

OOH Today, March 6, 2018, 6 Points to Get OOH in the Restaurant Marketing Budget

February 2018

Spread Love Have Fun, February 28, 2018, Find your Definition of Success

Billboard Insider, February 20, 2018, You Won't Believe Why Which Advertising Medium is Forecasted to Grow the Fastest

OOH Today, February 12, 2018, 6 Steps to Improve Your Supply Chain and Deliver Value to OOH Owners

OOH Today, February 2, 2018, Is OOH a Marketing Bandaid for the Healthcare Sector?

January 2018

OOH Today, January 27, 2018, Converting Non-Believers: 5 Points to Support Out of Home Advertising

Billboard Insider, January 25, 2018, You Won’t Believe Which Advertising Medium is Cheaper Per Impression than Facebook Ads