Retail & Restaurant Customer Analytics


Grow Your Revenue


1. Measure Foot Traffic in stores by hour, day, week, month.

2. Understand Peak Traffic times to improve staffing and resource requirements. 

3. Compare New Customers to Repeat Customers.

4. Understand "Dwell Time" for your guests on-site.

5. Compare "Visitors" to Sales to determine the ratio of Shoppers and Buyers.

Key Features

1. 100% Passive collection of customer behavior.

2. Gain customer insight that POS and CRM Systems are missing.

3. Easy to install with no supplemental Apps required.

4. Access data through personalized Dashboard or incoporate data through API into customers' own solutions.

How It Works

Abraxas Technology enables any Consumer Based Business the ability to passively use Head Count/ Foot Traffic Monitoring Technologies to maximize the effectiveness of their operational strategies and business enhancing campaigns.  

Without violating privacy laws, a store / restaurant will know how many patrons come into locations, and how much time is spent by each patron (in real-time). Businesses will be able to adjust workflow, optimize staffing needs and measure campaign strategy’s effectiveness in order to maximize profits.

Pricing Starts as Low as $50 Per Month!

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