Pricing Starts as Low as $50 Per Month!

Retail & Restaurants

Using Foot Traffic to Enhance Customer Experience

Why Abraxas?

1. Record how many customers visit Your operation.

2. Understand how much time they stay in your establishment.

3. Know how many customers repeatedly patronize your business.

A Simplified Approach to Customer Insight


Be able to know how many "shoppers" you have and how many "buyers" walk through your store.


Develop "up sell" tactics by knowing how long your average customer spends in your store/ restaurant.


Clearly define traffic trends at your locations to better prepare you for what the day will bring.

As Low As $1,000 Per Year

How It Works!

1. A small sensor is placed inside your operation that will passively monitor foot traffic.

2.  The Abraxas Retail system will monitor the number of patrons, how long they are in your establishment and how many patrons are repeat customers.

3. There are no Apps to download and the information collected is governed by EU/US Data Privacy Shield Framework.