Growing Your Revenue by Becoming A Data Driven Company

How It All Works

Abraxas Technology enables our partners to successfully measure customer experience with their operation like never before. By utilizing the Abraxas Scout IoT edge sensor you are able to easily track number of customers, how many are repeat customers, and how long those customers were at the location. This information is furnished through an online dashboard that is updated in near real time and available 24/7.

The Abraxas Scout passively collects and aggregates each digital signature that enters your establishment without the need to download an app or sign into the Wi-Fi. The information collected enables our customers to gain insight into customer experience all while keeping your customers' privacy secure.

With the data points collected from the Abraxas Scout, our customers are able to see foot traffic trends, compare "shoppers" vs. "buyers", staff properly, and engage customers more effectively to increase revenue and operational efficiency.

Retail & Restaurants