Growing Your Revenue by Becoming A Data Driven Company

How It All Works

Abraxas Technology is enabling OOH operators and advertisers to measure the effectiveness of a campaign, similar to online advertising analytics.

The Abraxas Scout passively collects and aggregates each digital signature passing within the vicinity of the display, allowing advertisers to see how many people viewed the advertisement and when. 

Then correlate each view of the advertisement with the digital signatures inside the store to measure customer conversions.

Data Privacy

Abraxas is proactively committed to data privacy measures that follow the letter and spirit of data privacy laws, including GDPR. We are one of the few companies to be EU-US Privacy Shield certified.

Out-Of-Home Advertising Effectiveness

Abraxas Technology enables Out-Of-Home Operators and advertisers in all mediums to have insight into their inventory. From large highway billboards to the in-store display, Abraxas services will allow you to provide near real-time statistics to your customers and grow your revenue.

With the ability to have accurate OOH advertising effectiveness by tracking exposure and conversion our customers have been able to grow their revenue and reduce customer acquisition time.