You Won't Believe Which Advertisements Drive the Most Online Activity

by Joshua Lawton, 1/11/18

In this digital age it’s hard to imagine what propels the most online activity. Believe me, when I first started digging into the numbers and reports, I was shocked. I’ve come of age and took my first knocks in business during a time in which ALL of traditional media was dying. Or so that’s what I was being lead to believe. Banner ads, click throughs, SEO, you name it, that was the new tried and true method upon which you could base your whole media strategy on. Sure, people were still advertising in newspapers and in magazines, but the question that rang out like a chorus from around the business world was “Why?”

As Adwords and then Facebook ads grew in both impact and market value, a sector of the traditional media was forgotten by many of the enterprising business men and women. Yet, like the Little Engine That Could, this traditional media platform has steadily grown in both impact and in market value. Right about now, you are probably wondering what is this long forgotten traditional media platform that has steadily grown in both impact and in value? It’s Out of Home media. Don’t worry, if you’re unfamiliar with what Out of Home media is. I guarantee you that you’ve seen this advertisement in action on the side of the road, at bus stops, and on the tops of taxis: billboards and signage.

According to Nielsen, OOH is the media that drives the most activity online. Those billboards that you see on the side of the roads that tell you “Does Billboard Advertising Work? It Just Did!” are more correct than you ever believed.  

OOH delivered more online activity per ad dollar spent compared with any other media.

Allow me to put this in perspective for all of us digital natives who need a comparison that we can understand.  

Nearly 40% of consumers visited a Facebook page or posted a message on Facebook after seeing an OOH ad.

By the way, that 40% exceeds the consumer conversion rate for every single type of digital advertisement. In Austin, depending on the date and location, a 4-week billboard advertising campaign can cost $5,600 and this includes the printing of the ad that is going to be put up on the billboard!

So what’s holding many businesses from advertising on billboards? To put it plainly, it is a lack of success metrics that are easy for them to digest and which do not require a major study by Nielsen. That’s why we founded Abraxas Technology. That’s why we invented our patent pending solution that knows if an individual passed a billboard or any other type of physical signage and showed up in store or purchased from the advertiser online.

By empowering businesses both large and small we are creating an inclusive environment by which they can participate and measure the success of their advertising campaigns on the best conversion media marketplace available today; Out of Home.


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Joshua Lawton